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Kurtis Stryker was first introduced in Mortal Kombat 3. He was the commander of a special riot brigade formed when a portal opened over New York City during Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm.

Eventually, all human souls were taken by Shao Kahn, however, Stryker was spared. He received a vision from Raiden explaining he was one of the chosen warriors selected to defend Earthrealm against the attacking Outworld invaders. He eventually meets up with the other chosen few, and together, they are successful in defeating Shao Kahn.

Stryker, with a full redesign, also makes an appearance as a playable character in Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.
Real Name:
Real Name: Kurtis Stryker
Origin: Earthrealm
Race: Human
Alignment: Good
Enemies: Shao Kahn
Fighting Styles:
Fighting Styles: Hua Chuan
Weapons: Night Sticks
Games: Mortal Kombat 3 (Playable), Mortal Kombat 3 (Playable), Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Playable), Mortal Kombat: Armageddon (Playable), Mortal Kombat (2011) (Playable)
Game Bios
When the Outworld portal opens over a large city in North America, panic and chaos rage out of control. Kurtis Stryker was the leader of the Riot Control Brigade when Shao Kahn began taking souls. He finds himself the lone survivor of a city once populated by millions.
One of New York City's Finest, Stryker is a one-man SWAT team. He was once decorated for single-handedly thwarting the terrorists in the famous Greenberg Tower Incident, and again for rescuing passengers of a speeding crosstown bus rigged to explode. He was unprepared, however, for the magical portal that spewed forth creatures from another realm--a realm he didn't even know existed. So far his kombat training has gotten him through the first wave of creatures. It'll take more than rocket-launching Tarkatans to stop this die-hard cop.
Game Endings
Ignorant of why his soul was spared from the Outworld invasion, Stryker receives a vision from Raiden. He is instructed to travel west. He eventually meets the rest of Earth's warriors and learns the true meaning of his survival.

He travels back to the city he swore to protect. Kahn is unfamiliar with this new kombatant and is caught off guard. Stryker defeats the warlord and saves the entire planet. The chaos that consumed the city in the hours before the invasion are gone.
The fire of Blaze burned away of Stryker's previous notion of justice. The power coursing through his soul inspired him to fight injustice on his own terms. No longer would he allow himself to be confined by the law. He would strike evil from the shadows, a vigilante who would show no mercy to the corrupt. He went into seclusion to prepare for his one-man assault on the wicked. Soon all the realms will know the name Stryker.
Despite telling the world that he was simply doing his job, Stryker was made a hero for saving Earth from invasion. He received both the key to city and the Congressional Medal of Freedom. Press and paparazzi hounded his every move. His biography spent a year on the best-seller lists. Stryker action figures flew off the shelves and into every young boy's hand. But when approached by Hollywood for the rights to his story, Stryker put his foot down. Never would he allow himself to be portrayed by Johnny Cage.
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