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Hailing from Chaosrealm, Havik is a cleric of Chaos. Neither good nor evil, his ambitions are to spread discord, and he will ally himself with those who can seek to further his ends, regardless of their goals. He opposes the Dragon King, Onaga, who rules by order.

Seeing Onaga's return and plans to unite the Kamidogu as a possible threat to the "never ending turmoil of life", Havik made it a priority to put a halt to the Dragon King's plans. Along the way, he encountered a severely wounded Kabal, who had just been defeated by Mavado. Healing Kabal's injuries, Havik manages to convince Kabal to restore the former glory that the Black Dragon clan once possessed in the name of anarchy.

Havik, along with Kabal and his new Black Dragon recruits, Kira and Kobra, ventured into Outworld. There, Havik revealed his plans: lure the heroes into a battle with Onaga, and, once the Dragon King had been defeated, take down or distract the victors of the battle long enough so that he could get close enough to the body and consume Onaga's heart, which had the power to resurrect the dead. By consuming the heart, Havik desired to restore chaos by resurrecting Outworld's former ruler, Shao Kahn.
Real Name:
Real Name: Havik
Origin: Chaosrealm
Alignment: Evil
Allies: Darrius, Kabal
Enemies: Hotaru, Onaga
Fighting Styless:
Fighting Styless: Snake (MKD), Tang Soo Do (MKD, MKA)
Weapons: Morning Star (MKD, MKA)
Game Bios
Chaos. The universe thrives on it. Forces pitted against each other in never-ending turmoil. My kind worship entropy. We wander the realms sowing disorder. My latest sojourn had brought me to Lei Chen, an Outworld city imprisoned by the one known as Hotaru. For many years he had kept chaos at bay beyond the outer walls. I would undo the order he had fought so hard to maintain.

It was I who led the "heroes" to the location of the Dragon King. The Chaos that would ensue from their attack would be blessing to this realm. Onaga must never gain the upper hand in this struggle. The realms shall never cease their struggle! Chaos will reign forever!
Game Endings
The others had defeated the Dragon King, but left his broken body unattended on the floor of his throne room. Not long ago, a similar fate had befallen his former adviser, Shao Kahn. Havik ripped the still-warm heart from the carcass and consumed it, thus absorbing Onaga's power to reanimate the dead.

Had the Dragon King succeeded in his plans for total domination, the never-ending turmoil of life would have come to a stifling halt. Those who defeated him believed that the realms were at rest once more, but Havik had vowed to restore the Chaos that had once ravaged Outworld. Shao Kahn would rule again!
Infused with the power of Blaze, the Cleric of Chaos, Havik, became Chaos incarnate! His aura corrupted the stability of the realms, causing them to rip, tear and reshape in grotesque ways. Soon nothing remained that resembled the former universe. Havik's dream had been realized. Ultimate Chaos had been achieved.
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