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ortal Kombat 3 was the first of two versions of the third installment. Following the extreme success of Mortal Kombat II, how could Midway possibly improve the game any more? Answer is, they couldn't. While Mortal Kombat 3 introduced many new features, such as a run button, kombat kodes that allowed players to alter the gameplay of a match, and chain combos, the game just felt like more of the same, and many believe it was at this point when Mortal Kombat began to lose steam. The novelty of its brutal violence began to wear off. Even with the inclusion of the long rumored Animalities, which allowed players to transform into animals to finish off their opponent, it just wasn't enough for fans. Eventually, Midway would release an updated version called Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, which featured more characters, faster gameplay, improved CPU opponent AI, 2-on-2 kombat, 8-player tournament kombat, and endurance matches.
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